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Brand:Tongshi/Authorized Brand Core size:350*688*16/26 Tank size:50/50*686 NISSENS 681021 OEM:19010P3F004/19010P3F014/19010P3F901/19010P3F902/19010-P3F-901-014

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized   Brand
Manufacturer   Part Number74000
Core size350*688*16/26
Tank size50/50*686
Carton size735*130*515

Product Description

Top Brands Aluminum Car Radiators For Honda CRV 

We are GUANGDONG XIN TONGSHI VEHICLE THERMAL SYSTEM CO.,LTD, specializing in manufacturing of the radiators and exporting for the condenser,heater,intercooler,oil cooler for many cars, Japanese car, European car and so on.

1.Construction--- The most trusted and commonly used radiators these days are those that are made of aluminum because they're tougher and not prone to corrosion unlike other radiator options out there.
2.Tubing---The bigger and wider the tubes in the radiator, the better. The truth is, wide tubes maximize the contact that the coolant makes and because of that, more heat is absorbed from the engine. Aside from the width of the tubes, the thickness also determines how quickly the heat can be absorbed. Generally, the thickness of the walls should be minimized.
3.Airflow--- For the radiator to function effectively, air should be able to flow freely through the core. That means radiators that have more fins are recommended by engine experts. However, too many fins could actually crowd and block the right airflow. A radiator with 15 fins is the best choice because it allows air to move freely for proper heat dissipation.

Tools needed:

1.    Flathead screwdriver
2.    Open Race Wrench
Step 1: Disconnect the battery so any electric cooling fans won't suddenly get activated when you're working. also, don't forget to remove the entire assembly.
Step 2: Disconnect the radiator hoses and drain the radiator fluid. To do these, loosen the hose clamps first.
Step 3: The transmission cooling lines have to be disconnected as well and to do that, you'll need an open race wrench.
Step 4: Remove all the clamps and screws before lifting the old and damaged radiator.
Step 5: Get the new radiator and slide it into place.
Step 6: Reconnect any clamps or screws that you've removed during the removal process.
Step 7: Replace the fan shroud that you've removed.
Step 8: Reconnect all the electrical connections.
Step 9: All plastic covers should be replaced.
Step 10: Check for leaks. The main about radiator replacement is that there are just so many things pieces that you'd have to connect and reconnect that it's no longer surprising that leaks happen after the installatio

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