Car Radiator For Freightliner Columbia

Car Radiator For Freightliner Columbia

Brand:Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number:68031-PA56MM Core size:820*778*56 Tank size:76.5*76.5

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer   Part Number68031-PA56MM
Core   size820*778*56
Tank   size76.5*76.5
Carton   size865*175*1050

Product Advantages

1. The material of the header plate we use the enhanced material. Header plate sprocket has added the reinforcement structure to ensure the strength of the header plate.

header plate of car radiator

2.Side plate has added stress groove design, cleaning the working stress of the radiator.

side plate of car radiator

3.Sealing rubber strip adopted oval design. It will be not easy to move to other place in the motherboard slot.

Sealing rubber of car radiator

4.Core technology adopts four rows harmonica tube design both ends, further improve the strength of the pipe head

Core technology of car radiator

5.Side plate is equipped with shockproof rubber unity, buffer effect.

shockproof rubber unity of car radiator

6.Packing method using special mold foam packaging, which will better protect the product from being damaged

Packing method of car radiator

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