Car Radiator For SIENNA

Car Radiator For SIENNA

Brand:Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number 75548 Core size:675*478 Tank size:40/40*506 DPI:2925 OEM:16041-0A380

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number75548
Core size675*478
Tank size40/40*506
Carton size835*140*540

About Tongshi :

We are one of the best Auto Radiator manufacturer with more than 15+ years’ experience for Radiator, Heater, Intercooler oil cooler and Condenser in China.

Our factory area up to 65000sqm with more than 620+ workers.

 Our brand “TONGSHI” has registered in China and in more than 40 countries

 Our products enjoy great praise among our 20+ brand agents and 200+ clients from 60+ different foreign countries

 We CAN develop and launch 15+ new products every month .

Radiator Composition:

Filler Neck

Top Header Plate

Inlet Pipe

Top Tank

Top Mounting Pins

Fan Mount

Overflow Pipe

Side Plate

Core Height



Core Thickness

Core Width



Bottom Header Plate

Water Switch

Bottom Tank

Oil Cooler

Outlet Pipe

tube for radiator

tube for radiator

tube for radaitor 2

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