Car Radiator Honda L13B/L15B Replacement

Brand Tongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number 74201
Car model L13B/L15B CVT 13-16 MT
Core size 400*548
Tank size 33/40*579.5
OEM 190105R0901
Carton size

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number74201
Car modelL13B/L15B CVT 13-16 MT
Core size400*548
Tank size33/40*579.5
Carton size

Quality Directory

1. Our production is under comprehensive control starting from APQP(Advanced Product Quality Planning)/CP(Control Plan)/SOP(Standard Operation Procedure)/inspection specifications/CSR(Customer Specific Requirement) and other technical documents then to product process (material acceptance/process control/product inspection) and end with shipment inspection. We strictly implement the three principles for quality assurance: do not accept bad products, do not manufacture bad products, do not deliver bad products.

2. According to the production process of the product, we carry out key monitoring and special inspections on key processes (brazing, crimping) and key links (sealing inspection), and the pass rate of finished products is over 99.6%.


GUANGDONG XIN TONGSHI VEHICLE THERMAL SYSTEM CO., LTD focuses on latest technology, break-through innovation, cost effective design and technical expertise from our engineering team for more compact, higher efficiency vehicle radiator.

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