Nissan Qashqai Radiators

Brand Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number 73221 car model QASHQAI Core size 590*448 Tank size 50/50*452 OEM 21400-JD900 Carton size 780*130*560

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number73221
car model QASHQAI 
Core size590*448
Tank size50/50*452
Carton size780*130*560


Parts of a Radiator

Core: The core is the largest part of the radiator and provides its primary function. It consists of a large metal block with small metal fins that allow the coolant to vent heat to the air surrounding the radiator (this air is expelled in your grill at the front of your car.) There are many types of cores, for example, one-core, two-core, or even three-core radiators.

Pressure cap: Your car’s coolant system is continually under pressure. This is because it allows the coolant to become much hotter without boiling than it would normally, which allows the system to be much more efficient. The pressure cap creates this pressure by using a spring to create pressures up to 20 PSI. It’s important not to remove the pressure cap while the coolant is hot, or you can cause serious burns.

Outlet and Inlet Tanks: The inlet and outlet tanks help the radiator move coolant from the hot parts of your engine to the radiator.

Transmission cooler: Your car likely uses the same coolant that your engine uses to cool your transmission. Transmission fluid moves through your engine through steel pipes, which are surrounded by coolant that conduct heat away from them. This coolant is also cooled within the radiator; as serious heat is generated through automatic transmission. Sometimes, there is a separate radiator to cool down your transmission fluid, if serious stress is generated by your transmission, but it is much more common to see a single radiator for both these functions.

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