Performance Radiator Radiators & Parts For Honda Civic

Brand Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number 74200 car model CIVIC 思域 1.5T 16- MT Core size 670*440 Tank size 44/44*464 Carton size 805*445*495

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number74200
car model CIVIC 思域 1.5T 16- MT
Core size670*440
Tank size44/44*464
Carton size805*445*495

We manufacture and assemble in our factory. From design and development, to manufacturing, to sales and services, we have a complete supply chain to prove our clients with one-stop solution for vehicle cooling system.


Why the switch to aluminum radiators in recent years?

Because aluminum is stronger material than copper-brass, aluminum tube diameter can be increased to flow more coolant. That means more coolant is exposed to the heat exchange process, giving the radiator a greater cooling capacity.

A second—and more obvious—advantage to an aluminum radiator is weight. Because aluminum weighs approximately 60 percent less than copper-brass, an aluminum radiator is often the ideal choice for high performance and competition engines.

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