Radiator And Auto Part For SONATA

Radiator And Auto Part For SONATA

Brand Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number 70164 car model SONATA 2.0/2.4 I5 15-AT Core size 635*479 Tank size 47/47*490 NISSENS 675053/675055 OEM 25310-C3100/C1300 Carton size 793*140*550

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number70164
car model SONATA 2.0/2.4 I5 15-AT
Core size635*479
Tank size47/47*490
Carton size793*140*550

  1. On the production process, our production worker always be strict in following the requirement of every production step to insure the quality can meet the inspection standard.

  2. On the production technology, the production technology of radiator has improved a lot for these years with the growth of technician team.

  3. On the production equipment, We constantly update the production equipment, the introduction of more automatic production equipment, so that the production efficiency of auto radiator continues to improve.

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