Vehicle Car Radiator For Toyota

Vehicle Car Radiator For Toyota

Brand Tongshi/Authorized Brand Manufacturer Part Number 56271 car model TOYOTA PRADO 3.0 10- Core size 602*381 Tank size 34/34*412 OEM 0000147244 Carton size 810*90*415

Product Details

BrandTongshi/Authorized Brand
Manufacturer Part Number56271
car model TOYOTA PRADO 3.0 10-
Core size602*381
Tank size34/34*412
Carton size810*90*415

Our products sell well abroad and have a good performance in automobiles. Also, our customers speak highly of us. In addition, the company has been working under the IATF16949 quality management system.

In terms of product QUALITY, we use an enhanced material for the header material. The head plate sprocket adds a reinforcement structure to ensure the strength of the head plate. Besides, stress groove is added to the side panel to clean the working stress of the radiator. As for the core technology, we use both ends of four rows of harmonica pipes to further improve the strength of the pipe head. Also, the side panels are equipped with shock-proof rubber integration, so as to play a buffer role.

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