Passenger Vehicle Condenser for Hyundai Sonata

Brand:Tongshi/authorized brand
Manufacturer part number:88-70029
Core size:695*388*16(mm) fin5/8mm availale

Product Details

Product detail information


Tongshi/authorized brand

Manufacturer part number


Core size

695*388*16(mm) fin5/8mm availale







Carton size


Net weight

3.24 kgs

Gross weight

3.84 kgs

Product Advantages

1.5mm /8mm spaces between the tubes available with 14holes and 10holes condenser tubes, increasing the cooling performance , compared to the bad quality with 8holes and 12hole tubes

All TONGSHI'S Tubes comes in many sizes and shapes to meet the demands of the markets.  Zinc coated flat tubes to ensure corrosion protection will be applied according to customer choices.

2.Supreme Durability and Thermal Performance

Cores equipped with double-folded fins, reinforcing the fin against mechanical damages as well as increasing the total heat exchange.

3.TONGSHI offers the latest models of all aluminum parallel flow, and 5 /8mm condensers. The Description size below: 5*12mm,5*16mm,8*16mm,5*18mm,8*18mm, 8*20mm,8*26mm (5*12mm means 5mm is the spaces between the tubes, 12mm means the core thickness) 

4.Perfect Surface Finish.

To spray silver or black epoxy resin environmental protection paint, mainly to prevent the dust, slurry, rain acid material on the surface of the product corrosion, so that the product more durable, prolong the useful life of the product

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