Construction Machinery Radiator for Perkins TRACTOR

Construction Machinery Radiator for Perkins TRACTOR

Brand:Tongshi/authorized brand
Manufacturer part number:62060
Core size:400*408*al56
Tank size:84/84*430

Product Details

Product detail information


Tongshi/authorized brand

Manufacturer part number


Core size


Tank size


Carton size


Net weight

5.96 kgs

Gross weight

6.85 kgs

Product Advantages

1.TONGSHI offers the latest models of all aluminum parallel flow, and 5 /8mm condensers. The Description size below: 5*12mm,5*16mm,8*16mm,5*18mm,8*18mm, 8*20mm,8*26mm (5*12mm means 5mm is the spaces between the tubes, 12mm means the core thickness) 

2.TONGSHI Strong Hardware Division

With advanced machines and professional production technology, we are engaged in various kinds of radiator accessories by ourselves to meet all kinds of requirements from our customers based on the quality guarantee. At the same time, we can process a variety of bending parts,stamping parts, sheet metal parts product according to the customer's technical drawing, samples and raw materials.


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