How a Car Radiator Works?

- May 24, 2019-

The primary role of a car radiator is to dispel any excess heat that is generated by a car's engine as it burns fuel. A car radiator is only one component of a larger engine cooling system, and as engine coolant moves through the radiator, it goes through a few simple processes.

There are three basic functions of your radiator: intake, cooling and outlet. A car radiator is pivotal to the proper functioning of a car's engine, which is why it is integral to follow proper maintenance guidelines in order to keep the cooling system in good working order.

The primary function of an engine's water pump is to facilitate the flow of coolant that runs into and out of the radiator in a specific direction. The thermostat controls the amount of coolant that moves through the radiator, and it opens and closes according to the temperature of the engine. After this point, the coolant enters the radiator through the upper hose; there are two basic types of radiators - downflow car radiators and crossflow car radiators.

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