Internal cleaning and inspection of the cooler

- Dec 25, 2018-

The internal pipe of the cooler is often accompanied by sludge, colloid and other dirty objects, not only to narrow the air circulation channel, but also to reduce the cooling heat exchange capacity, for this reason, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and cleaning.

Generally every year or engine overhaul, welding water tank at the same time, should be the inside of the cooler cleaning and inspection. Cleaning method: The aqueous solution containing 2% soda (temperature should be 70-80 ℃) into the medium cooler, fill, wait 15 minutes, fancy cooler there is no leakage water. If it should be disassembled, welded (as with the water tank), if there is no leakage, shaking back and forth, repeatedly, the lotion is poured out, and then filled into a clean aqueous solution containing 2% soda to rinse until it is cleaner, then add clean hot water (80-90 ℃) to clean until the released water is cleaned. If the outside of the cooler is stained with oil, can also be cleaned with alkali water, the method is: Soak the oil pollution in the lye, with a brush to remove, until clean. After cleaning, use compressed air to dry the water in the cooler or naturally cool dry or in the installation of the cooler first do not connect the medium cooler and the engine connection pipe, start the engine, to the cooler outlet without moisture, and then connected to the engine inlet pipe. If found to be seriously dirty in the core of the cooler, you should carefully check the empty filter and intake of each pipeline where there is a loophole, and troubleshooting.