Key points for overhaul of radiators and related components

- Oct 30, 2018-

1. When disassembling, special attention should be paid to the radiator core pipe bump deformation breakage and leakage.

Installation location to meet the original requirements, so that it and fan blades to maintain a certain distance, to avoid touching in the operation

2. Special attention should be paid to check whether there are weeds, dirt and other blockages in the front of the radiator core, clean and clean if necessary, so as not to affect the heat dissipation performance and avoid the operation of scratching the core tube.

3. Pay attention to check and ensure the conical matching accuracy of the belt wheel and cone sleeve. The taper between the conical hole and the cone sleeve of the wheel should be consistent, and after pressing the cone thumb into the conical hole, the small end of the cone sleeve is required to be lower than that of the antipod surface 2-3mm with the wheel cone, and the conical contact is good.

4. Check whether the belt wheel is really pressed after the fastening nut is tightened at the shaft adjusted as necessary.

5. Pump shaft shaft END nut should be particularly tightened, fastening torque in line with technical requirements. 6. The use of the radiator foot nut loosening should be tightened in time. The fracture deformation of fan blades should be repaired or replaced with new parts in time. When the engine foot screws are loose and the whole machine is moved forward, it should be repaired.