Maintenance methods

- Dec 17, 2018-

The biggest problem with turbochargers is that the distance between the intake of fresh air and the high temperature exhaust is very close, and the temperature of the fresh air sucked in is also much higher, so even the mechanical booster engine without the effect of exhaust high temperature also needs to cool the intake through the cooler. Air compression temperature will rise, the simplest example is to inflate the tires of the gas pump, do not believe that friends can touch the inflatable air pump, you will know how terrible the heat accumulated by gas compression. In addition, through chemical and physical knowledge, we can know that the lower the temperature in the air oxygen content is higher, perhaps some people will ask: what is the relationship? You know, fuel combustion needs oxygen in the air, the more oxygen can let more fuel burn, and thus explode more power. To learn more about friends, you can refer to the relevant introduction in the "Inhale system". The cooler is an efficient radiator whose main function is to cool the fresh air before it enters the engine. You can imagine that the cooler is located before the cooling tank, so it can be directly impacted by the cold air blowing head-on, but also at the back of the air filter, turbocharger, or mechanical supercharger. The actual situation is really the case, most of the car is equipped in front of the cooling tank cooler, and the cooling effect is really better than some top layout of the medium cooler, but, so more or less will affect the airflow blowing to the cooling tank, so in some extreme cases, such as the track, It is necessary to upgrade the cooling tank at the same time to control the engine temperature.