Overhaul of the radiator core tube

- Aug 05, 2019-

If the radiator core tube is found to leak, it should be removed for inspection. First, make sure that the 117 kPa of the leaking part is cleaned and soldered with a soldering iron. After welding, the compressed air (117 kPa pressure) is generally used for pressure test. It must not leak for 1 min, otherwise it will be repaired. Repaired welds should be firm, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing and remove surface burrs. It is allowed to cut off the core tube of the coolant, but not .1m22. The broken pipe head shall be welded and shall not leak. The welding repair of the radiator shall not exceed one place per 0.1m2 of the front area of the core. Otherwise, there is no repair value, and it can only be scrapped.