Radiator Leakage Fault

- Oct 18, 2018-

Common faults are broken leaks, mainly caused by corrosion perforation and mechanical damage. Radiator penetration inspection, can be carried out using a sealing tester. When checking the leaking area, remove the radiator cover and inject coolant into the cooling system. Install the radiator cover tester and apply 117.6kPa pressure to the cooling system with the radiator cover tester. Then, check in turn whether there is a leak on the radiator, in the sewer room and in the radiator core, pump and hose connection. If a leak is found, repair it with solder welding. If the leakage in the upper and the water chamber, can be used thin copper cover to fill the broken weld, such as leakage in the radiator core outside the water pipe, can be used sharp soldering iron welding or thin copper leather bag welding. Internal water pipe leakage, often using acetylene gas welding method to repair.