Radiator temperature control switch check

- Jul 23, 2019-

The radiator temperature control switch is made of wax and the color is black. There are two ways to check the switch:


1 Vehicle inspection: Turn the ignition switch to the ON position, and then remove the connector of the temperature control switch. If grounded, the fan motor should rotate. If not rotating, check the fuse and fan motor.


2 Component inspection: Select the multimeter as the resistance file, connect the two test leads to the heat sink temperature control switch terminal and the outer casing, then change the water temperature to observe the dynamics of the multimeter pointer. When the cooling water temperature reaches (92 ± 0.5) °C, the heat sink temperature control switch starts to conduct, the multimeter pointer indicates that it has been turned on; when the cooling water temperature begins to drop, the radiator temperature control switch remains open until the cooling water temperature At (87 ± 2) °C, the heat sink temperature control switch is turned off and the multimeter pointer indicates the cut.