The role of the cooler

- Jan 15, 2019-

1. The temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is very high, and the heat conduction through the supercharger will increase the temperature of the inlet. Moreover, the density of the air increases during compression, which also leads to an increase in the air temperature emitted by the supercharger, which increases with the air pressure, but decreases the oxygen density, thus affecting the effective inflatable efficiency of the engine. If you want to further improve the inflatable efficiency, you need to reduce the intake temperature.

Data show that under the same air-fuel ratio conditions, the engine power can increase the 3%~5% of ℃ per 10 of the temperature of the pressurized air.

2. If the non-cooling pressurized air into the combustion chamber, in addition to affecting the engine's inflatable efficiency, but also easy to cause the engine combustion temperature is too high, resulting in detonation and other faults, and will increase the amount of NOx in the engine exhaust gas, resulting in air pollution.

In order to solve the adverse effects of pressurized air heating, it is necessary to install a cooler to reduce the intake temperature.

3. Reduce engine fuel consumption.

4. Improve adaptability to altitude.

In high altitude areas, medium cooling can use a more high-pressure ratio of the compressor, which makes the engine get more power, improve the adaptability of the car.

5. Improve turbocharger matching and adaptability.