Types of oil Coolers

- Sep 28, 2018-

1. Engine OIL COOLER: Cooling engine lubricating oil, keep the temperature of oil reasonable (90-120 degrees), viscosity is reasonable; the mounting position is in the cylinder block of the engine and is installed in one with the housing.

2. Transmission OIL COOLER: Cooling transmission lubricant, installed in the engine radiator in the water chamber or the outside of the gearbox shell, if the air-cooled type is installed on the front side of the radiator.

3. Retarder OIL COOLER: Cooling retarder working lubricant, installation position on the outside of the gearbox, mostly tubular or water-oil composite products.

4. Exhaust Gas Recycling cooler: is a kind of exhaust gas and device used to cool the part back to the engine cylinder in order to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust gas.

5. Cooling Cooler Module: is a cooling water, lubrication oil, compressed air and other objects or some objects at the same time cooling device, cooling module has adopted a highly integrated design idea, with a full volume of functional small intelligent high-efficiency characteristics.

6. Air cooler, also known as Medium cooler, is a device used to cool the high temperature and high pressure air after the engine is pressurized. By cooling the medium cooler, the temperature of the pressurized air can be reduced, thus increasing the density of the air to achieve engine power, reduce fuel consumption and emissions.