What is Condensers ?

- May 29, 2019-

Condenser, the air conditioning system's components that transfer heat from the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast manner. Most of the car is placed in front of the tank. A device that converts a gas or vapor into a liquid.


Have you checked the air conditioning system of your car recently? In the colder months, this may not be as important... but in the summer, your air conditioning system will be in great need. A well-maintained air conditioning system is essential for proper ventilation and comfort in your car.


When caring for a car's air conditioning system, it's important to understand its components. These include condensers, compressors and dryers/accumulators. All of this plays an important role in the cooling of the car.


The process of cooling the car is done in a closed loop. It starts with the compressor. The compressor draws low pressure refrigerant gas, typically freon gas, from the inlet side of the air conditioning system, which consists of an evaporator and an accumulator or dryer. The receiver dryer removes all water and other contaminants from the air conditioning system. In the compressor, the gas is compressed and converted into high pressure and high temperature gases. The hot refrigerant then enters the condenser, which is the main part of the low pressure side of the air conditioning system where the refrigerant is again cooled and passed back to the dryer to form a closed loop.


In order to keep your air conditioner in top condition, it is important to maintain proper system maintenance. Be sure to have your local AC specialist check your air conditioning system. If any part is damaged, it must be repaired immediately. If you need to replace it, you can get a lot of resources from it.