What's The Transmission Oil Cooler And Where Is It Located?

- May 28, 2019-

The transmission oil cooler helps prevent the automatic transmission oil from overheating. Friction generated by the moving parts of the transmission causes the components and fluid or oil to heat up. Some vehicles use a transmission oil cooler to cool the fluid. This situation is most common in vehicles, and the transmission is expected to be used for traction like trucks and SUVs.


Fluid flows from the transmission sump through the rubber or metal line to the transmission oil cooler, which is substantially similar to the radiator. Like a radiator, a cooler has a tube that absorbs heat from the fluid and a heat sink that dissipates heat into the air. The oil cooler is usually mounted behind the grille in front of the radiator. The transmission oil cooler line is connected to the oil cooler through the engine rod, which is typically mounted behind the grille in front of the radiator.