Development Of Automobile Heater

- Dec 26, 2018-

Automobile heaters were first produced in Europe in the the 1940s and are mainly used in winter preheating engines and supply car cab heating or passenger car room heating. Since then, products have spread rapidly throughout the European and North American markets. China's automotive fuel heaters are developing late compared to Europe and North America. The early 1960s, Hebei Gihong and Wuhan Body Accessories Research Institute took the lead in the production and launch of FJ series of air fuel heaters, and then in the digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign technology on the basis of the introduction of YJ, YJP series of fuel heaters, These products basically meet the heating requirements of domestic passenger cars and other vehicles at that time and occupy most of the market. After entering the 90 's, with the increasing rigour of foreign environmental protection regulations and the improvement of passenger ride comfort requirements, air conditioning technology in automobile regulations put forward higher requirements for fuel heater combustion control, emission control and noise control, and promoted the technical progress of domestic automobile fuel heater.