How The Condenser Works

- Oct 24, 2018-

For some applications, the gas must pass through a long tube (usually a solenoid) to allow heat to dissipate to four weeks of air, and thermal conductive metals such as copper are often used to transport vapour. In order to improve the efficiency of the condenser, heat sinks are often attached to the pipe to speed up heat dissipation. The heatsink is a flat plate made of good thermal conductive metal. Such condensers generally use a fan to force the air through the heatsink and take the tropics away.

Refrigeration principle of general refrigerator the function of compressor is to compress the steam with lower pressure into the steam with higher pressure, so that the volume of steam decreases and the pressure increases. Compressor inhalation from the evaporator out of the lower pressure of the working steam, so that the pressure rise into the condenser, in the condenser condensed into a higher pressure liquid, after throttling valve throttling, into a lower pressure liquid, into the evaporator, in the evaporator heat absorption evaporation and become lower pressure steam, thus completing the refrigeration cycle.