How The Oil Cooler Works?

- Jun 03, 2019-

1. Before the oil temperature reaches the working temperature: run inside the engine in a small circulation mode without passing through the cooler body. Shorten the warm-up time, avoid the oil temperature caused by the oil temperature being too low and the oil quality is too thick for a long time.


2. The oil temperature exceeds the set temperature: the temperature control switch is automatically turned on, and runs between the engine and the cooler in a large circulation mode, so that the oil is cooled by the cooler at a high rotation speed to maintain the best working temperature and achieve the best lubrication. effect. Reduce excessive friction inside the engine and avoid power loss.


3. Special pressure relief design: When the oil pressure increases instantaneously when the throttle is heavy, the oil directly returns to the engine in a small circulation mode to avoid direct impact of the oil on the cooler. To increase the life of the cooler body.