Maintenance Of Heaters

- Nov 15, 2018-

Automotive fuel heaters are seasonal use of equipment, before commissioning, in use, after downtime should be checked and maintained accordingly to ensure the use of safety and reliability.

Level Two maintenance must be checked to maintain the following items:

1. liquid heater During the non-use season, the heater should be activated once a month

2. Check the fuel filter and replace it if necessary

3. Check the sealing of the water pipe, whether there are bending and interference parts

4. Check the sealing of the fuel tubing road, whether the oil spill

5. Check if the line is damaged, whether the connector is loose, and whether the fixture is reliable

6. Check whether the pump motor is working properly and has a different sound

7. Check whether the electric plug or ignition generator (ignition electrode) has carbon accumulation

8. Check that each sensor is valid

9. Check the combustion air and exhaust pipe, exhaust smoke smoothly without blockage

10. Radiator, defrost fan whether there is a noise or a card

11. whether the cooling tank is leaking

12. ensure that the fuel tank, tubing and filter oil solenoid valve clean, prevent dirt clogging the oil road