Precautions For Use

- Nov 25, 2018-

1. car liquid fuel heater can only use diesel fuel.

2. the heater must be used before the pipe valve open, to ensure that the pipeline in the liquid energy cycle, at the same time to fill the antifreeze, otherwise the pump dry grinding will produce high temperature, resulting in damage to the water seal parts.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the total vehicle power switch to turn off the heater to prevent overheating and damage in the host.

4. the circulatory system to raise the coolant medium, must be antifreeze, to meet the vehicle use of ambient temperature requirements, to prevent the radiator rust and the production of scale.

5. the circulatory system when filling the coolant medium, must first open the heater discharge plug (in the heater inlet pipe) and pipe discharge valve, to the discharge valve, especially the heater gas plug when the airless, turn off the gas plug (discharge valve), open the pump switch, continue to raise, until the circulatory system is filled with coolant media.

6. vehicle storage battery voltage can not be too low.