Structure Of Automobile Radiator

- Sep 23, 2018-

The most common structural forms of automobile radiators can be divided into two types, DC type and transverse flow type. The structure form of radiator core mainly has two kinds of pipe type and pipe belt type.

The pipe type radiator core is composed of many fine cooling tubes and heat sink, and the cooling pipe mostly adopts flat circular cross section to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.

The radiator core should have sufficient flow area for the coolant to pass through, as well as sufficient air flow area to allow enough air to pass through the coolant to the heat of the radiator.

It is also necessary to have sufficient heat dissipation area to complete the heat exchange between coolant, air and heat sink.

The pipe belt-type radiator is welded by a corrugated scattered tropical and cooling tube arranged in phases. Compared with the pipe type radiator, the pipe belt type radiator can increase the heat dissipation area by about 12% under the same conditions, and the heat dissipation belt has a hole similar to the blinds on the disturbance airflow to destroy the adhesion layer of the flowing air on the scattered tropical surface and improve the heat dissipation capacity.